Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pollution into the bay, weeds out

Here's a stunning example of the harmful effects of construction site erosion.

Construction causes 19% of the phosphorus in our lakes.  Phosphorus fertilizes weeds in the lake.

Gambling with our lakes.  Madison's romantic riverboat...
Weed cutting in Monona Bay, July 23, 2013

Where phosphorus in the bay came from

The Ghidorzi construction site on S. Park St.  It still looks like this.

Muddy pollution leaving the site...

Below, a muddy plume entering Monona Bay, one block away.  We have documented 13 sediment spills into the bay from this site within one year.

And now, thanks to taxpayers, the weeds come out of the bay... at the very same spot the pollution went in.  Neighbors say the weeds haven't been cut here for some years.

Thirteen spills of phosphorus into the bay--and now the noxious weeds are out of control.

Ghidorzi saves on erosion control... Madison pays.

A whole dump truck loaded with weeds.

The trucks line up, one after another.

In June, there was a fish kill in the bay...

The fish kill happened 10 days after we documented the 11th muddy plume into the bay.

Wouldn't it be smarter to enforce good laws on the books, than slop it in, truck it out?  Chapter 37

The beginning, and the end... of this project

 The Mayor, at the groundbreaking ceremony... promising things.*

Citizens, at the "Grand Opening Ceremony," reporting what really happened.

And that's how Monona Bay came to be one of the most polluted lakes in Dane County.

A dead raccoon in the bay...

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Photos of weed cutting
Photos of the fish kill
Photos of protest
*  Photo from Ghidorzi facebook page

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