Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When swimming at Bernie's Beach, thank Ghidorzi

Here are photos of Bernie's Beach on Monona Bay, and along the shore a bit east--taken on June 7.

Weeds, stimulated by phosphorus.... thanks to Ghidorzi Companies pollution.

The light circles are fish nests.

Below, you see the curtain for a "boom-and-curtain" installation at the beach.  This curtain is part of a pilot project, since 2010, to keep algae and scum out of the swimming area.  The van in the rear houses equipment to filter the water inside the curtain.  They even use UV light to sterilize the water.  It uses LOT$ of  energy.

So, it's like a swimming pool with filtered water, except that you get to smell the scum just beyond.

This pilot project, for two beaches, was estimated to cost $60,000, not including staff time.

This expense is one that contractors pass on the taxpayers, when they fail to follow erosion control rules, and wind up dumping sediment to the bay.  More

Ghidorzi Companies sent 13 sediment spills to the bay in the last year.

A bit further east along the shore...

Not over our dead bodies...

Don't give up on swimming... hope is on the way

Give up on Ghidorzi

Citizens will never allow Ghidorzi Companies to develop a project in Madison.

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